A Quiet and Attentive Heart ...

That is one of the thoughts our priest left with us today on the first Sunday of Advent...that we try to cultivate a quiet and attentive heart. That comment resonated with me...that through all the noise and distractions with which I surround myself with, I need to slow down and walk into the silence...the silence which seems scary but you know once you get there that it feels like home.

I was thinking of my Nanny who passed away a year ago and she certainly did not get caught up in the hustle and noise. I never understood how she didn't play music in her house since I love to play my CD's all the time but then again, maybe I need to take a lesson from her and turn it off once in a while to let my thoughts gel and my soul find some peace. I always thought that I would make a quilt with my nanny when I got older and that we would sit and sew and share stories but it wasn't meant to be so I'll say a little prayer for her now and ask her to say one for me until we meet again!
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