As a small girl, I recall going to the grocery store with my parents and my eyes being drawn to the colourful cluster of lollipops that the store would occasionally stock. Like any kid in a candy store, I would delight in imagining how sweet and wonderful they would taste. I didn't realize that my dad had noticed our eyes gazing longingly at the colourful candy until we had left the store and he would surprise us by handing us the candy with a grin knowing he had made us happy.

This reminded me of how much more our Heavenly Father wants to grant us the desire of our hearts. Life is filled with "lollipops" - people we meet, places we go, and everyday moments - all the blessings that God is waiting to share with us if we only open our eyes. I hope to share some of my "lollipop moments" of things that have inspired me along the way...
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