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Hillsong United is a youth ministry where people get together every weekend and worship. The youth ministry has been doing this for over 20 years. In the last 5 years a number of the youth have been able to travel the world doing exactly that – worshipping God. By His grace and will, United’s music and way of worshipping has gained a big audience – United has played to and worshipped with hundreds of thousands of people on almost every continent of the world.

There is a notion or in fact a revelation that has been had during our travels, that you cannot worship God without having an urge to carry out his will, to love people, to see His justice on earth.

We aren't just doing Church,
but we're stepping out and BEING the Church.

The I Heart Revolution therefore is a generation of people expressing their heart for worship – and realizing God’s purpose for all of us - to love people and be his hands and feet. This is not something new, however it is something that we see happening all over the world – we just gave it a name and want to be a part of it!
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The I Heart Project

Over an 18 month period Hillsong United have been traveling with a video documentary team filming worship nights from all over the world. The Film crew has also been capturing the culture, the history and the lives of people from many nations. This project will show that there is a like minded and like spirited generation of people from all round the world - who are worshipping God with all their heart and who want to make a difference and see injustice’s justified – a generation already part of the revolution.

The end result is the sound of a generation across the earth singing praise and worship to our God.

There will be a feature length documentary and live music DVD. The documentary will focus on worship and justice featuring Hillsong United in six major regions of the world. (Cities included are Toronto, Cape Town, Chicago, Houston, Kiev, Manila, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney). The Live music DVD will include audio and visual from worship nights and time spent in all of these regions

(Joel Timothy Houston, song writer and worship leader of Hillsong United
explains what it's all about on the Myspace link)

I have a t-shirt....
"I don't know about you, but if our generation is remembered for iPods, Myspace, and Youtube, we missed it."
...read more of Joel's blog on Myspace

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