Need a little nudge?

As you always have, you're going to find, yet again and forevermore,
that the hard and difficult stuff only ever seemed hard and difficult,
before you began it.
Bet you feel better now, huh?
Begin it!
~ God

A kindred spirit

When I started this blog, I wanted to write about those moments in life that make us smile and inspire us. So it's only fitting that I take the time to wish a happy birthday to someone that makes me smile and inspires me! Since I don't have time to get a birthday card to you (and I know how much you like snail mail!) pretend that this just arrived in the mail. It's full of wishes for every blessing for you! For warm sunshine, flowers blooming, teapot simmering, scones dripping (with Devonshire cream of course), children laughing, husband singing (now that we know he can!) and the ocean mist kissing your face as you listen to the sound of the waves on the shore and then a butterfly flutters by...

Happy Birthday Carollynn *smooooooooooch*

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